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I wanted to introduce myself and hopes of getting myself out there and into the social aspect of UO and get to know the nice people of Excelsior since I've decided this is where I'll be spending a big portion of my free time. A little about myself, I entered the MMO world about 15 years ago with a MUD called Achaea. I played Achaea for about 10 years and moved on to World of Warcraft. I played WoW for probably two years before I just got bored with it. It has no depth and I needed a MMO with depth, not just mindless grinding. I jumped around a lot at this point; Guild Wars, Warhammer Online, Everquest, Lord of the Rings Online and recently Rift. All of these games just felt like cheap knockoffs of WoW. That's just my opinion, though, don't bash me if you feel differently.
So I sought out something different. I dabbled with EVE Online for a few months until I just came to the conclusion it wasn't me. Science Fiction just isn't my thing. So back to searching. I stumble upon Ultima Online randomly and I read several things stating UO is a MUD with graphics. Wow! A dream come true!So anyway, I landed here in Excelsior, a true "noob" to UO. I know very, very little about UO in general aside from the sheer volume of UO wikis and forums. I'm hoping someone here can throw me a bone, point me in the right direction for a rewarding MMO experience. What about guilds? I'm big on RP and would be interested in a RP guild.
Also, sell me on Excelsior. What sets Excelsior apart from the paid servers?
Sorry I'm a little long winded and I hope to get to know and become friends with those in Excelsior.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

Deze topic is open en bestaat uit 1 pagina: 1

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